Friday, May 9, 2008

Eddy Burrito (墨西哥捲餅)

If you're heading to Danshui, be sure to stop by Eddy Burrito for some truly outstanding Mexican food.

At Eddy Burrito (墨西哥捲餅), experience the best chicken burritos (NT $79), sopapillas (NT $25), chicken quesadillas (NT $59) and horchatas (NT $35) on Taiwan! The stand is located on Danshui Old Street (淡水老街), Gongming Street, #15 (台北縣淡水鎮公明街15號), just up the road from Danshui Station.

Top right, the author (left) of Taipei In A Day Includes Taiwan From A To Z with two other satisfied Eddy Burrito customers.

Below, Eddy and Jo Gonzalez, founders of Eddy Burrito. They not only make fantastic Mexican food, but they're also great people who care about food quality and their customers. The couple will be opening a restaurant in Danshui this summer, so be sure to visit their website for updates.

See you soon! -Scott

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taiwan Travel Book Praised on

"...I had visited Taiwan last year and was very disappointed with the Lonely Planet guide, this one is so much better. Not only did it make for some interesting (and funny!) reading on the train, but also the maps were great and the detail about the best things to visit/where to go is helpful. We were not disappointed. The book really goes into detail about fun/interesting things to do and how to get around Taipei, too, which buses and MRT lines to take, how to get around, etc. There are things in the book that even locals don’t know about! For instance, we stopped by the foreigners’ cemetery in Danshui and saw “Taihoku” on the tombs from when the Japanese ruled here (which we also didn’t know about). We also used the book to find a museum dedicated to the history of fishballs! Although we’re of Chinese descent we’re studying hard to improve our Mandarin, so the bilingual names and addresses come in handy. I like the bilingual menu translations, communication tips and holiday information, and the section at the end of the book about the Taipei MRT ride helped us to find a big discount flower mart near Tianmu! We visited it to decorate the new flat we just rented. My cousin and I also didn’t expect the hotel listing and the dining guide to be so funny and informative. The restaurants we’ve visited have been great, the barbeque and Cantonese restaurants listed are fabulous and not many people know about them. The night market guide is also great. We’re not much into pubs so we don’t expect to be using the pub guide but we love to hike and the book’s Guide to Mountain Climbing should come in handy very soon."

"I had also purchased Taipei In A Day, the new Taiwan travel book, at the TAS spring fair, it's a good book. My wife Ellen loves the cover, maps, photos and artwork. I think the author must be a human language machine, I heard him speaking in many languages, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and I think German. I was very surprised. He visited and included so many places, like Taiwan’s outlying islands. I am impressed with the author's knowledge of Taiwan. I brought my daughter to the Children’s Recreation Center and to the flower festival in Yangmingshan, he gives accurate descriptions and directions. I like the parks and museums guides, I found the parks in Shilin and the museums in Beitou and in Taipei easily. This book is very descriptive and down-to-earth, as if he is speaking with a friend or family member. At the spring fair he mentioned something about writing the book to help his family and I like the book’s tone. My daughter likes the Hello Kitty information as well as the dining and desserts section. I noticed that Cherry Valley is having a big sale this Sunday and was wondering if Scott Freiberger, the author, will be there. I would like to speak with him further about his passion for travel and Taiwan."

Next signing will take place at the Taipei American School (TAS) Orphanage Club event. Many thanks to everyone for the positive feedback!